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Legacy Bound

Wolf Song - Hardcover

Wolf Song - Hardcover


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All summer Nell has been looking forward to an evening of howling for wolves with Uncle Walter. Now that the time is here, she’s a little anxious. But the starry sky soon soothes her fears, and the evening unfolds with all the satisfaction of a wonder-full wilderness experience as Nell learns to howl “like one of the pack.”

On each page the colorful scratch board illustrations tell two stories—that of Nell and Uncle Walter, and that of a wolf pack at its August rendezvous site. Four adorable pups are part of the pack. The illustrations accurately depict wolf pack behavior and communication.

Children will enjoy finding the other nocturnal north woods animals pictured—loons, beaver, and a flying squirrel, and will easily identify with Nell’s excitement and apprehension.

A non-fiction section at the back of the book provides facts about timber wolves, their pack structure, and how to go on a howling expedition if you are in an area where wolves live.

Author: Mary Bevis
Illustrator: Consie Powell
Product Dimensions: 10" x 8"
Pages: 32 Pages
Ages: 5 years - 10 years


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