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Unicorns Friends or Foe

Unicorns Friends or Foe


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Unicorns Friend or Foe is a set collecting party game. You will be arming fierce characters with outrageously lethal weapons. Once wielding these weapons they will be free to go forth and slaughter the pesky unicorns.

Friend Edition:

Unicorns have always been sought after. Whether it’s by those who are infatuated with them and want to be their friends or those who want to harvest their valuable resources. It’s time to pick a side, Friend or Foe. If you are reading this then it’s clear that you adore unicorns and desperately want to become their friend. Good luck and remember money can’t buy you love but it can buy you expensive things to give them to others so that they like you. 

Foe Edition:

If you are reading this then it’s clear that you despise unicorns and want their horned head mounted on your wall. Good luck and remember don’t run with scissors, well unless you’re planning on plunging them into the eyes of unicorns.

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