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I Saw A Moose Today

I Saw A Moose Today

Legacy Bound
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The grown-ups are cleaning house and young Whims Wiggin is sent out in the yard to play. Imagine how delighted Whims is when animal playmates arrive, one after another. First a moose, then a loon, followed by a woodpecker, lynx, bear, caterpillar, bat, beaver and otters. Whims has an adventurous morning, and the reader just knows more animals will appear after lunch.

Everything a child loves in a book is here — spunky animals, a child to identify with, the rhythm and rhyme of poems, and pictures in which there is something new to discover with each reading. There are fun big words, like “cacophonous” and “hibernate”, with a glossary in the back for advanced readers or parents and teachers. An information page on each animal gives facts even adults may not know, and raises questions that will create a “let’s find out” attitude in readers of all ages.

Author: Anne Stewart
Illustrator: Brent Spink
Product Dimensions: 8.5" x 10.75"
Pages: 32 Pages
Ages: 3 years - 10 years