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Legacy Bound

Eat, Sleep, Howl

Eat, Sleep, Howl


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Legacy Bound publishes its first board book (a hard page format):  Eat, Sleep Howl: Animals in Winter.  This is a hands-on book for babies and toddlers which showcases the wonders of a northwoods winter. Author and illustrator Polly Carlson-Voiles has created an up-close-and-personal introduction for very young readers (as well as older ones), to a collection of animals that might inhabit a snowy northern forest. Carlson-Voiles’ beautiful cut-paper artwork is dynamic and inviting, and the text is tight and lively.

Author/illustrator Carlson-Voiles is a constant wildlife-watcher, and within Eat Sleep Howl she has highlighted unique aspects of northern wildlife in a way to engage a child into turning the pages. The youngest of readers will catch on quickly to the pleasure of searching and locating the critters in their habitats. This book is small only in its design; it is up to the task of bringing wildlife into a child’s life in a respectful and caring way. 

Polly Carlson-Voiles is a writer, artist, and educator, and taught for many years before writing full-time. She has written two award winning books for children: a novel, Summer of the Wolves, and a picture book Someone Walks By, which shares parts of its intricate artwork with Eat Sleep Howl. She has a passion for wolves, and has been a volunteer puppy-nanny at the International Wolf Center of Ely, who recently granted her their I Speak for Wolves Award for 2019.

This hard page book, Eat Sleep Howl, is sure to be a hit with toddlers, youngsters learning to read on their own, and adults who are ready to be amazed by how animals manage their lives in the cold and snow of winter. Eat Sleep Howl: Animals in Winter

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