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Legacy Bound

A Bold Carnivore - Hardcover

A Bold Carnivore - Hardcover


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Readers learn about a variety of predators in this beautiful and educational book. Each letter of the alphabet features a carnivorous animal, some of which — like Quail and Shrew — we don’t usually think of as predators. Other animals, like Murex and Uta, are seldom found in children’s books and will delight curious budding scientists.

Lifelike illustrations show the predators in their natural settings, and colorful border drawings depict the prey species. The brief text tells about the methods each predator uses to catch its prey. A glossary in the back lists the names of each prey species pictured.

Winner of several awards and glowing reviews, A Bold Carnivore is a visual feast for anyone hungering for accurate scientific portrayal in a quality children’s book.

Author: Consie Powell
Illustrator: Consie Powell
Product Dimensions: 10" x 8"
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 32 Pages


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